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Ethical offer a fabulous selection of eco clothing for women - clothes made ethically, fairtrade or sustainably. At least one, and usually more than one of these attributes apply to all our products. Our products are sourced from reputable UK based eco-friendly retailers. Almost every need is met by these companies and the big green brands - a smart eco dress, something cool, casual and organic for a day out, some pretty but ethical holiday wear or a pair of recycled walking shoes can all be found here at ethical fashions.

There is a large and growing demand for ethical clothing that is both fashionable and stylish, people with a conscience want fashion made from organic or recycled materials, such as organic cotton and natural hemp or clothes manufactured from sustainable crops such as bamboo (now questionable?). Gone are the days when an ethical fashion boutique meant a hang out for badly made rubbish and sweat factories!


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 Belts - ethical Fashion Bags - Lamat Bag from Alchem1st Dresses - Pinafore Dress
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Shirts and Blouses - Pintuck blouse from Stewart & Brown Coats and Jackets - Trench coat from Fin Footwear - Pozu boot - eco shoes
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 Tees and T-Shirts Lingerie & vests - Leopard print from Enamore Jeans & Trousers - Suzie Jean from Howies
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Skirts - Corduroy skirt Tops - Ester jumper from Komodo Hats & Scarves - Wooly Beanie Hat
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  Today, ethically conscious consumers or "ethical fashion warriors" require eco garments to be sourced and manufactured in a more moral and sustainable way, thereby cutting back the impact of conventional manufacture on the environment, the planet and its peoples.

You've a choice, ethical, fairtrade, eco-friendly, sustainable or with scant regard for the planet and its poorest peoples. Never forget that the working conditions and pay for people in the developing third world countries that supply the bulk of the western clothing markets would be illegal if it they were in the UK.  We have the benefit of health and safety legislation, the working time directive, the minimum wage, and all the other legal responsibilities that an employer or government has for their employees or people. Don’t get us wrong, we all want cheaper clothes (or at least, better value for money), or any consumer goods for that matter. But do we really want to contribute to the wretchedness and despair of the people who make our clothes? Do we really want to add to the profits of the socially unconscious that exploit child labour and treat their fellow human beings and our planet so poorly? We do not!

We have great faith in human nature, we believe that many of us now realise the importance of buying ethical, fairtrade or sustainable, and the benefit to the whole planet of acting in an eco friendly way.

Recycling, conserving energy, buying organic, being ethical, these attributes have all made the headlines over the last few years and are starting to make an impact, after all, commercially, its one of the few market sectors still expanding.

Eco issues have made their way into mainstream education, even the politicians have realised that this is not just a minority view, but the view of many mainstream voters.

Who would have thought that all the main political parties of the UK would be pushing the Green agenda?  Ok, you might say that they are just jumping on the bandwagon to get votes, maybe they are, and they could do way more, but every little movement in the green direction takes us just that little bit closer to where we need to be. Green should not just be a party on its own, but a fundamental value for all parties.